23 August 2022

FIP.unesa.ac.id, SURABAYA-1370 new students take part in the introduction of campus life for new students (PKKMB) at the "purple campus" of the Faculty of Education offline entitled "UNESA‘s transformation as PTNBH makes FIP students who excel competitively to work together. work together to build the country towards a harmonious developed Indonesia” on Tuesday, August 23, 2022. A total of 1370 new students from eight majors and study programs were accepted by embedding ID cards for two new student representatives and balloon flights by the Dean of FIP witnessed by the Professor, Head of the Department, Secretary of the Department, Head of the Laboratory of the Department of FIP. Dean of the Faculty of Education, Dr. Mochammad Nursalim, M.Si on that occasion gave a speech that the new world is a new beginning to realize success. Face challenges after new challenges to achieve success. Successful people are not formed from ease, but the difficulties that will lead to the gate of success. “Welcome new students to the faculty of education. Prospective educators of the nation who will change the world of higher quality education. Get to know the campus as well as possible and always be optimistic to welcome the future” he added. The first day of PKKMB at the Faculty The first day of PKKMB implementation at the Faculty, new students were given material to introduce the leaders of the Faculty of Education, namely; The Dean, Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, Deputy Dean for Finance, and Deputy Dean for Alumni and Student Affairs who delivered according to their respective fields. Dr. Maria Veronika Roesminingsih, M.Pd, and continued with higher education in the revolution era 4.0 By Prof. Dr. Siti Masitoh, M.Pd and Ethics of students in higher education by four doctoral lecturers around FIP. From the presentation of the material, new students were spread out in four auditorium rooms with the aim of strengthening their understanding of the higher education system and the era of the industrial revolution, so that new students were prepared to face that era. Students with Disabilities from Outside Java The joy of more than a thousand new FIP students was also felt by students with disabilities from North Sumatra and Kalimantan named Lilis and Hany Aisyah from the Department of Special Education (PLB). Lilis, a blind student from North Sumatra, on that occasion told her story to the UNESA FIP PIF Team. He felt happy and proud to be accepted as a new student at FIP ​​Unesa in the PLB Department. According to him, the beginning of the PKKMB activity was the first step to realizing the dream of becoming a disabled teacher to serve in his area. “At first my parents didn‘t support me, because the distance from home and campus was far. But I don‘t want to give up on realizing my dreams,” he said. Getting an education in the extraordinary education department, continued Lilis, that it was the first step to play a role and take part in fixing and improving the world of education. These limitations are not everything in making parents proud and raising the dignity of education. In contrast to Hany Aisyah, a blind student, the Department of Special Education from Kalimantan, said that when she entered the education campus, he has the determination and intention to be able to empower friends with disabilities. "Sometimes what is seen is only above, while below (disability), society gives bad stigmas to women. Now, I want to make changes and break the bad stigma and empower women in education,” she said. Author : Vika/Farid/Aulia Editor : Riska