14 July 2022

Surabaya, the Student Association of the Department of Curriculum and Educational Technology (HMJ KTP) UNESA successfully held the Edutech Festival 2022 series of events, the highlight of which was held offline at the T2 FBS Unesa building. The Edutech Festival is an annual event that is oriented towards developing creativity, talent, and interest by educational technology students, but was on hiatus for two years due to the Corona pandemic. The return of the Edutech Festival in 2022 provides a series of interesting events consisting of photography competitions, learning media competitions, exhibitions, and art performances as a form of introducing the Department of Curriculum and Educational Technology to the wider community with the theme "Creativity is our identity" which means creativity is our identity. The Edutech Festival 2022 exhibition will be held on 5-6 July 2022 with the opening on Tuesday (5/7/2022). The exhibition was opened with remarks by Diaz Reyfandi as the Chief Executive, Jundu Muhammad as the Head of the Curriculum and Educational Technology Department Student Association (HMJ KTP), Dr. Utari Dewi, S.Sn., M.Pd. as a representative of the lecturer of the Department of Educational Curriculum and Technology and the event was opened with a symbolic ribbon cutting by Heryanto Susilo, S.Pd., M.Pd. as Deputy Dean for Student Affairs and Alumni of the Faculty of Education Unesa. Furthermore, the opening of the event was enlivened by the appearance of several community majors. There were remo and modern dance performances by the dance community as well as poetry readings by the scientific barn community. The Edutech Festival received a lot of sponsorship attention, one of them is with Emina Cosmetics, so that in a series of events there is a beauty class as a form of cooperation. In addition, the Edutech Festival presented the appearance of several band registration groups from the general public who were able to beautifully break up the excitement of exhibition visitors. The exhibition which lasted for 2 days was attended by many visitors from various regions and was attended by invited guests of the Malang State University Education Technology Student Association. Jundu Muhammad as chairman of the Unesa Curriculum and Educational Technology Student Association expressed his impression of the implementation of one of the Edutech Festival work programs of this magnitude. “This event was really beyond my expectations, because I thought this event was mediocre, but it turned out to be extraordinary. This Edutech Fest event has actually been on hiatus for 2 years so I thought it would be difficult to revive this event, but with the hard work of the committee and the people involved, Alhamdulillah, this event was able to run very extraordinary, really extraordinary. ", said Muafi, Deputy Chair of HMJ for Curriculum and Educational Technology, conveying his impression and greatly appreciates this activity. “Many visitors were enthusiastic about the exhibition that was presented and added to their knowledge and were amazed by this event. This Edutech fest is also a place to introduce TP and promote TP to the general public, so introducing them to it is fun. And the participation of several people in the band registration event was also exciting. The point is this event is fun, right.”,