01 October 2022

Unesa.ac.id, SURABAYA–Welcoming the XXI/2024 National Sports Week (PON) in North Sumatra (North Sumatra), Aceh, the East Java Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI Jatim) began selecting candidates for trainers for the regional training center or the East Java Puslatda at the Faculty of Science Sports (FIO), Surabaya State University (UNESA), Lidah Wetan Campus, Surabaya.
The selection, which was carried out for two days, starting from October 1-2, 2022, was handled by the Education and Upgrading Agency (Diktar) led by Prof. Dr. Nurhasan, M.Kes. Cak Hasan said that the first day of selection was attended by 125 prospective coaches from various sports (sports).
In the selection of prospective trainers, there are several qualifications that are seen including experience, certificates, signing an integrity pact, having advantages in handling athletes, analytical skills, and the ability to create training programs.
"This selection is no joke. Only those who have qualifications are taken, because our future targets are quite high. Those who meet the qualifications can proceed to the interview stage," said the UNESA Chancellor.
He continued, among those assessed were the coach‘s programs and strategies to achieve achievements. "Because we don‘t just set targets, but we need coaches who understand the needs of their athletes, have the right strategy to bring athletes and their sports to the championship podium," he said.
Most importantly, he continued, coaches are also able to apply sports technology or sport science to strengthen their coaching competencies. “All coaching processes must be measured appropriately so that the results achieved are in accordance with the program that has been prepared. You can‘t use estimates, let alone mysticism or whatever, this is the era of sport science," he added.
The output of the selection, said Cak Hasan, is that the coach must be ready for everything, ready to serve and ready to produce world-class outstanding athletes. “To achieve this common goal, we need a mature and measurable design. That‘s why we need a qualified coach," he concluded. [HUMAS UNESA]
Author: Hasna
Editor: @zam Alasiah*