23 September 2022

Unesa.ac.id, SURABAYA-In order to prevent drug abuse in universities, the State University of Surabaya (UNESA) is aggressively carrying out preventive efforts in the form of socialization and education to both students and education staff (tendik) and educators.
UNESA does not run alone, but synergizes with the National Narcotics Agency of East Java Province (BNNP East Java). There are many activities carried out to raise awareness and encourage the academic community to actively educate the public about the dangers of drug abuse.
There are many activities, ranging from seminars or webinars to strengthening the role of anti-drug ambassadors. In addition, UNESA through the Crisis Center Mitigation Unit (SMCC) also held a free urine test for academics located at the Faculty of Engineering, Ketintang Campus, Surabaya some time ago.
This step is a commitment of state universities under the Ministry of Education and Culture in implementing Presidential Instruction Number 2 of 2020 concerning the National Action Plan for the Prevention and Eradication of the Abuse and Illicit Trafficking of Narcotics (P4GN) and Narcotics Precursors for 2020-2024.
Head of SMCC, Dr. Diana Rahmasari, S.Psi., M.Sc., said that this year‘s urine test targets include students, educators, and UNESA lecturers. The technical implementation begins with the arrival of the East Java BNNP team to the Faculty of Engineering and takes a random urine test sample. This test was monitored directly by the Chancellor of UNESA, Prof. Dr. Nurhasan, M.Kes., and his staff.
"Alhamdulillah, about 300 academicians have taken the test and the results were all negative," explained Diana.
This UNESA psychologist said that urine tests need to be done to find out or detect drug abuse in the campus environment. "Besides testing, we continue to make other efforts, namely education and awareness movements so that both are not trapped in the influence of illegal drugs. That‘s what we encourage our fellow students. Furthermore, we also invite them to be at the forefront of anti-drug education in the community," he said.
He hopes that the tests that have been carried out show that the UNESA academic community is clean and far from drug abuse, so that the campus environment remains healthy, tough, productive with real works for the progress of UNESA to become a shining campus (anti-drug-free). [HUMAS UNESA]
Author: Fionna Ayu Shabrina
Editor: @zam Alasiah*
Photo : Documentation of Dr. Diana Rahmasari, S.Psi., M.Sc.,