11 June 2021

Figure 1 Unstringed Guitar Film PosterThe Unstringed Guitar Film was originally made only to fulfill the task of one of the courses in Education Technology, State University of Surabaya. But who would have thought that in the end, the Guitar Tak Bersenar Film could be included in one of the nominations for the "Best General Favorite Film" at the National level held by the Lampung Film Festival. Even though we haven‘t been able to win, it is an honor for our team "Tiwul Production" to be able to compete with more than 300 films from all over Indonesia. Of course, this is a very valuable experience for us. From the beginning we were all very confident and confident that the film that we were going to make was in line with our expectations. Despite many obstacles, starting with two talents who canceled the H-1 collaboration in production activities. Don‘t panic, don‘t panic, don‘t panic. Of course, at that time all the crew were confused about where else to look for talent considering the limited production time and it couldn‘t be postponed anymore. But we didn‘t run out of ideas, we contacted one of our friends and thankfully he was willing to even let him use his house as a shooting location. In pre-production we have to be this survival in order to get maximum results. And we actually carry out pre-production online. Our production H-1 only met online because of the pandemic period and also most of the teams came from outside Surabaya, we only met the production H-1 in Surabaya because most of our teams were from outside Surabaya. When we entered the production day, the trials that had to be faced were even more difficult. We had to take more than an hour to get to the shooting location, from Surabaya to Ngoro, Mojokerto using a motorbike with shooting equipment. And we did that for about 7 days in a row. If there is a question "why don‘t we take the location in Surabaya" because the first time we saw the shooting location we all liked it because it was exactly what we expected. And at that time we thought that if we want to get good things, there must be sacrifices. During those 7 days, the joys and sorrows were extraordinary. Our production is done during the fasting month, with very hot weather and extraordinary temptations. Because of the 14 crew and 3 talents who had a full fast from beginning to end, only 4 people. Really demons are scattered everywhere😂. You could say that we came from Surabaya in the dark and it was dark when we went home. When viewed from the beginning to the end, the struggle is indeed extraordinary, there are still many funny and sad things and events that cannot be stated here. However, thanks to a very good teamwork, we were able to get through all of this. Seeing all these struggles, we thought that this film would be in vain if it was only made as a fulfillment of a task. Until finally we decided to enter this film into the competition. And we chose to include this film in the Lampung Film Festival. With preparations that are only D-7 registration is closed. Prepare all the files and then upload them on Google Drive and fill out the Google form. Even during the screening process, we were really very pessimistic about seeing films from other friends. But at least we still have hope and pray and ask our friends for support to vote. Who would have thought that the D-1 night of Anugerah that will be held, we were contacted that our film was included in one of the nominations. We thank you endlessly at that time even though in the end we couldn‘t be the winner. But from here we all learned that if at least we are willing to try and choose not to give up good things will await us ahead. Thank you Tiwul Production‘s friends who have been willing to work together from beginning to end. Now when I look back, I miss it. We also thank the Lecturers of Educational Technology for supporting our activities from pre-production to production itself. Even though we have received nominations but this is not the end, we still accept criticism and suggestions and hopefully we can create other works that are even better in the future. Thank you Picture 2 Photo of Crew and Talent Picture 3 Post of Lampung Film Festival Nominations Film poster AdinyataFilm Adi Real, a work produced by the Kalm Tipi community in November 2020. It may sound strange but this film has an extraordinary story. This film was nominated for the "General Favorite Film" at the National level held by the Lampung Film Festival. Before that, there are some interesting stories from the struggles we did to achieve it. Initially this Adi Real film was produced to take part in the 2020 FFMI "Indonesian Student Film Festival" competition. The production process of this film was only carried out for approximately two weeks, of course, there were many interesting stories that occurred during the process of making the film. With the initial coordination of the team, which was carried out completely virtual to determine the script idea because we were from different cities, it was not easy, it took patience from each individual in the team to unite the agreement. Until finally we agreed to shoot in Surabaya and meet there. He is relentless and relentless in pursuit of the intended target, more precisely, he works in the morning and returns at night and it is done every day for two weeks in a row. Starting from the preparation for finding talent, casting, until in the end those who play are our own friends, it‘s fun to see your own friends acting wkwkwk. Until tool preparation, there are those who borrow from the department but there are also those who rent from outside, it‘s really a sacrifice. Not to mention consumption, to the point that post production doesn‘t get any pocket money haha ​​sorry, but all of that has been paid off with laughter and all stories and even love, hehe. Thanks to the team‘s hard work and support from various parties, especially the "Curriculum & Educational Technology”, finally the Adi Real film was completed. But unfortunately, in that competition we have not been able to be nominated. We had mixed feelings, between being happy because the film was well finished and became a meaningful experience for us, or sad because it was not the time for our work to be proud of our department. Until one day, we “Kalm Tipi” learned about a competition, namely the FFL “Film Festival. Lampung” 2021 which will be held in May 2021. Of course, with the same spirit, we took part in the competition and began to revise a little from the Adi Real Film. Coordination continues to be carried out even though in virtual we are willing to stay up late just to reply to chats on the WhatsApp group wkwkwk. On an unexpected day, we received news that Adi Real‘s film was nominated for the "Best Public Favorite Film" at the National level held by the Lampung Film Festival. We are grateful for the support from all parties who always motivate and appreciate our hard work. Even though we haven‘t won the nomination yet, it has become a matter of pride for us, the production team from the Kalm Tipi community. However, our struggle does not stop here, we promise to keep trying to produce better works in the future. Of course, to make our beloved department proud. Once again, we would like to thank our brothers, relatives, friends, the big family of Education Technology, and all who were involved in the pre-production of Adi Real Film. Thank you, warm greetings from our production team "Kalm Tipi". Production Team Crew When Screening Films for Lampung Film Festival Nominations