14 June 2022

Surabaya, the S-1 study program team from Education Technology (TP) Surabaya State University is developing a digital library project (digital library). The formation of a team consisting of students and lecturers is carried out in an effort to help make it easier for students to access learning resources. Through digital libraries students can access learning resources digitally through devices owned by students, previously these learning resources could only be accessed or read in the school library. ‚ÄúThis project was developed to make it easier for students to access learning resources, including books that can be accessed anywhere through the devices owned by these students. This is at the same time to cultivate digital literacy in students from an early age," said Dr. Fajar Arianto, M.Pd., Lecturer of TP Unesa. He added, The digital library is one of the projects in the Management and Utilization of Learning Resources course program that he is in charge of with Citra Fitri Kholidya, M.Pd. The development of this digital library project is a form of MBKM implementation by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Research and Technology, as an effort to foster student creativity to innovate while contributing positively to the community and school. Then it was found that students‘ reading access was still manual, namely through physical books. While on the other hand, students have cellphones (hp) which lately many students are more interested in doing activities or accessing everything through these gadgets. Then, The TP study program team took advantage of this opportunity to develop a digital library project. Instead of using cellphones for others, we should get them used to using cellphones for learning purposes," said Mr. Fajar. So far the digital library has been implemented in several schools, including SDN Manukan Wetan 1 Surabaya, SDN Lidah Kulon 1 Surabaya, SDN Klagen Sidoarjo, SDN Wedoro Waru and TK Al-Husna Tanjung Asri, Surabaya. Later the digital library will continue to be developed so that it can touch more other educational institutions. The innovation of the Unesa Education Technology study program is appreciated by the school, both principals, teachers, and students. Muslikha, M.Pd., as the Principal (Kepsek) of SDN Wedoro Waru expressed his gratitude and support for the digital library project that provides easy access to reading for students. "In this way, the task of the teacher in instilling literacy from an early age is more helpful and students can learn and read at any time," he said.