01 August 2022

Through the intermediary of an organization called Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), Education Technology Surabaya State University, Jakarta State Polytechnic, together with Biscol State University, the Philippines held a one-month student exchange training program last June. This activity is held as a form of adding experience, learning, cultural exchange, as well as expanding connections and cooperation. This training activity was held on May 31 - June 23. Training meetings are held once a week and last for 2 hours. Although this activity was carried out online through the Discord server, the activity was active, smooth, and fun. The theme of this training is Graphic and Illustrations with the final result in the form of group work between Indonesian students and Filipino students. For the mentor in this Graphic and Illustration class, Mr. Mark, a lecturer from Biscol State University, Philippines. For student participants, there are 5 students from Unesa Education Technology, 5 students from the Jakarta State Polytechnic, and around 20+ students from Biscol State University. Learning is carried out as usual, with basic material provisioning and then assignments when the explanation of the material is complete. For the final meeting of this training class, Mr. Mark divided Indonesian students with Filipino students to do group work. The main mission of the group‘s work is to create motion graphics for local Filipino food. The results of the assignments and missions from the end of this short training were very satisfying. Not only that, Indonesian students with Filipino students can also exchange stories, culture, and get unique experiences in this program. Raniah.