30 September 2022

Unesa.ac.id, SURABAYA-Surabaya State University (UNESA) in collaboration with the Kediri Regency Government through the Kediri Regency Balitbang held a Folklore Performance which took place at the Convention Hall, SLG, Kediri on Wednesday, September 28, 2022.
This performance included dance, fairy tales and village history in Kediri Regency. It is hoped that this activity will enrich the regional arts of the district and introduce it to generations. It is possible that in the future it can also become a tourism potential for the area.
There were approximately 10 representatives from each village in Kediri who also enlivened the event. They present the stories of the legends of their respective villages.
"From this activity, it is possible to write stories in the form of scripts and actualize them in the form of folklore. This writing material consists of folk tales of the past which are re-enacted in the form of paintings, films and so on," said Head of Balitbang Kediri Regency, Drs. Eko Setiyono, M.Sc.
This activity aims to support the visions and missions of the Kediri Regency government in developing tourism and local wisdom so that they are better known, not only by the local community but also by the wider community.
Present at the event were the Kediri Regency Balitbang, UNESA representatives, Disbudpar Kab. Kediri, Chairman of the District Arts Council. Kediri and the participants and other invited guests.
The synergy between UNESA and the Kediri Regency Government is expected to continue to be strengthened to develop regional potential, be it tourism, arts and culture and education. This is in line with the excellence and study program as well as the expertise of the Faculty of Languages ​​and Arts (FBS) UNESA. [HUMAS UNESA]
Author: Kediri Regency Government Team
Editor: @zam Alasiah*
Photo: Kediri Regency Government Team Documentation