30 July 2023

Surabaya, 30 July 2023 - Lecturer in the Educational Technology Study Program (TP), Faculty of Education (FIP), Surabaya State University (UNESA), held a Community Service (PKM) activity by holding a curriculum development workshop in collaboration with the Deliberative Board of Private Universities ( BMPS). The event with the theme "Becoming a Professional Teacher in the Digital Revolution Era" took place successfully at SMA Batik 2 Surakarta on July 29 2023.This workshop was attended by hundreds of teachers from PAUD, Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School, Senior High School equivalent throughout Surakarta Regency who were enthusiastic about expanding their knowledge and skills in dealing with changes in curriculum and technology that were growing rapidly. Lecturers from the UNESA FIP Educational Technology Study Program presented various materials that were relevant to the challenges of education in the era of the digital revolution.Dr. Utari Dewi, S.Sn., M.Pd, as the initiator and leader of the PKM activities, conveyed the importance of developing a technology-based curriculum. "This workshop is designed to help teachers become more professional in presenting innovative and competitive learning in the digital revolution era," he said.The material presented in the workshop includes the application of technology in the learning process, the use of e-learning platforms, the development of interactive learning materials, and strategies for measuring learning outcomes using digital technology. The participants were also given the opportunity to discuss and exchange experiences in facing practical challenges in integrating technology in the curriculum.The head of the BMPS, Mr. Trijono, expressed his appreciation for the initiative of the UNESA FIP Educational Technology Study Program in holding useful workshops for teachers at SMA Batik 2 Surakarta. "This collaboration has a positive impact on the development of education in the regions, especially in terms of increasing teacher competency in dealing with changing times," he said. The workshop participants positively welcomed this event and stated that the material presented was very relevant to today's demands for education. They hope that there will be more similar activities that can improve the quality of learning in schools.Deputy Dean II of FIP UNESA, Dr. Andi Kristanto, S.Pd., M.Pd., expressed pride in the participation of lecturers of the UNESA FIP Educational Technology Study Program in PKM activities that benefit the community. "Activities like this are a form of FIP UNESA's commitment to make a real contribution to society, especially in supporting the development of education at the school level," said WD II Dr. Andi Kristanto, S.Pd., M.Pd.With the success of this curriculum development workshop, the Educational Technology Study Program, Faculty of Education, Surabaya State University hopes to continue to play an active role in making a real contribution to the world of education in Indonesia, especially in facing the ever-changing and growing digital revolution era. Written By: Atan Pramana