20 September 2022

Unesa.ac.id, SURABAYA-There are many benefits of writing for students. Besides being able to learn to express thoughts, ideas and thoughts, it can also improve thinking skills. That is one of the objectives of the ‘mirror‘ writing training for junior high school students which was held by a team of UNESA lecturers at SMP Negeri 2 Ngawi some time ago.
Jack Parmin, the chief executive explained that writing ‘mirrors‘ is not writing about mirror objects. But write mini stories or short stories that are very concise and brief. Well, this training is based on the needs and interests of the students there. The purpose of this training, he continued, is to improve students‘ writing skills and strengthen the literacy culture in schools.
“Writing skills do not just come, but through continuous practice. It‘s even better if we give the training and get used to it since middle school," he said.
Because the quality of writing cannot be separated from reading habits, of course reading habits also need to be instilled. “The better the reading, of course, the more references or materials in writing. Reading is like a wholesaler of raw materials that will be processed into a good writing dish. Students can also know the flow of writing and they can apply it in writing about their own experiences,” he explained.
In the training, participants were invited to read about 500 characters with the structure of the characters, plots and settings to ignite the enthusiasm of the participants. Then, dozens of participants learned to write what they got from their reading. "We will edit the results together, I will assist them so that they can become a collection of mirrors," he explained.
He added, writing a mirror is not difficult. Even the experiences of students every day whether at school, at home or while on vacation can be an interesting material to be made into a mirror. That way, students can get to know each other‘s experiences and this can motivate other students to write similar things.
“My experience as a teenager used to read youth magazines like that. The contents of the short story and the cerbung of which there is also a mirror. Well, I want to pass it on to students to be able to write their own mirrors. Of course, not only students, I also hope that teachers can write mirrors properly and correctly," he said.
“This training is still ongoing and is still providing regular assistance. The final collection will be held in October. In addition to training, we also signed an MOU with SMP Negeri 2 Ngawi to strengthen cooperation in community service programs in the future," he concluded. [HUMAS UNESA]
Author: Riska Umami
Editor: @zam Alasiah*