18 September 2022

Unesa.ac.id, SURABAYA-Not even ten days into the Visual Communication Design (DKV) undergraduate program, Faculty of Language and Arts (FBS), Surabaya State University (UNESA), Steven Lanang Yoga Brata and Kinanthi Febrian Valintina immediately joined mural competition organized by the Cooperatives and SMEs Office of the Special Region of Yogyakarta on August 30, 2022.
Both registered for the mural competition on D-1 or August 29, 2022. The competition committee could not be contacted. It was only in the afternoon that they received confirmation of an invitation to participate in the competition which was held at the Office of the Dinkop UKM DIY, Yogyakarta.
They rushed to get their permit on campus and that afternoon they had to leave for Yogyakarta. They plan to leave by train at 14.00 WIB. After getting the signature of the permit, the two headed straight for the station and arrived at ten minutes to 2 o‘clock.
"When we were in a hurry to get in, we weren‘t allowed to take the train. Turns out, we haven‘t had a booster vaccine yet, because it‘s a long-distance train route requirement. We are confused and sad. Failed to leave, the ticket will be forfeited," said Kinanthi.
Even though they had panicked, they still looked for ways to keep going. Finally, from the station they went to the bus terminal. Yes, to Yogyakarta they use the bus mode of transportation and get there early in the morning.
Steven continued, when they arrived in Yogyakarta, they did not immediately rest. However, finalizing the concept for the preparation of the competition which starts at 07.00 am. "Around 2 o‘clock, on the side of the road we thought about what mural concept would be interesting," he said.
They had an idea to create a mural about the revival of the Yogyakarta UMKM which was visualized through pictures of a number of people using and bringing the products of UKM typical of the Student City such as bakpia, pottery, batik cloth and other products.
They not only show people who sell MSME products conventionally, but also have pictures of people holding gadgets representing product promotions using social media or digital media.
“In the middle of the mural, we visualize the monument (Yogyakarta) which is the hallmark of Gudeg City. There is also a batik cloth wrapped around the monument that reads the rise of the Yogyakarta UMKM and there is a light behind it signifying the awakening," he explained.
"The goal through this mural is to make us more proud to use local products or our own Indonesian products, so that people will know better that our products are no less good than foreign products," he added.
Because of their work, Steven and Kinanthi managed to get second place. This achievement was a bit surprising, because the other participants were great. Other participants include seniors and many have won the same competition elsewhere.
“Art people are the mecca, Jogja. We were less confident with other participants who were seniors. Well, let‘s put all those doubts aside and try to give our best and finally made it into the top three and won second place," said Steven.
Steven and Kinanthi are not the first time participating in the competition. Since he was in SMK, he has often participated in various mural competitions in various regions. Both are from the same school; SMKN 1 Boyolangu, Tulungagung. Studying at the same campus and study program, DKV.
“Thanks to our parents, friends and lecturers who supported us in this competition. Hopefully this will be a motivation to continue to make achievements and make the name of our beloved alma mater proud in the future,” hoped the two students who plan to own the art gallery. (UNESA PR).
Author: Muhammad Azhar Adi Mas‘ud
Editor: @zam Alasiah*
Photo: Photo Documentation of Steven Lanang Yoga Brata and Kinanthi Febrian Valintina