10 September 2022

fip.unesa.ac.id, SURABAYA- Department of Educational Management, Faculty of Education, held a “guest lecture” for 2022 new students collaborating with Korea and Malaysia in a hybrid way on Friday, September 9, 2022. The event was attended by the Dean Faculty of Education, Dr. Mochamad Nursalim, M.Si, Head of the Department of Education Management Syunu Trihantoyo S.Pd., M.Pd, lecturer from outside the university, lecturer in Education Management and 119 students from the Department of Educational Management. Dean of the Faculty of Education Dr. Mochamad Nursalim, M.Si said that this lecture was designed to provide understanding to new 2022 students majoring in Education Management regarding the differences in education in Korea. With that knowledge, students have broad knowledge to be applied in learning. “This guest lecture provides knowledge and information about Korean culture and characteristics to understand the background of Korea‘s rapidly developing economy in history. This is clear evidence that UNESA is able to maximize its role to support students in increasing their knowledge," he said. Ima Widiyanah, M.Pd to assess that this activity is specifically for new students with different educational perspectives. In fact, when there is an opportunity for internships in Korea, Malaysia and other countries, students have not experienced culture shock. On the same occasion, continued Mrs. Ima, that the activity is aimed at students to practice soft skills and hard skills in the campus realm. With this activity, it indirectly trains students to be able to dare to speak in English, so that superior human resources are realized in terms of attitude, insight, and knowledge. Meanwhile, Jane Jihye Kim, a speaker from South Korea, introduced students to the culture, education, and customs in South Korea. he explained that the climate in Korea is very different from Indonesia. With the difference in seasons, students who want to study there need not be surprised and must be able to adapt. "Don‘t be surprised if you rarely meet Korean people who rarely smile, it doesn‘t mean they are angry,