20 September 2022

Unesa.ac.id, SURABAYA-In order to improve the quality of institutional governance, the Public Relations Unit of the State University of Surabaya (UNESA) held a “Workshop on Strengthening the Capacity of Unesa Public Relations Managers” in the Meeting Room, 8th Floor, Rectorate, Lidah Wetan Campus, Surabaya on Tuesday, 20 September 2022.
Yayat Hendayana, SS, M.Sc., as General Coordinator, Cooperation, and Public Relations Secretary of the Directorate General of Higher Education Kemendikbudristek, and Doddy Zulkifli Indra Atmaja, Sub-Coordinator of Public Relations, Intermediate Public Relations Pranata Sesditjen Dikti Kemendikbudristek were present as resource persons.
At first, Doddy Zulkifli Indra Atmaja explained that according to IPRA (International Public Relations Association), public relations has a management function of planned and sustainable characteristics through private or public organizations and institutions to gain understanding, sympathy, and support from relevant stakeholders. "Humas must create a work plan for organizational management, especially agency branding," he said.
Public relations plays an important role, because it is very important to determine the communication strategy used to support the implementation of this role. "I think Unesa already has. In front there is the Unesa Campus of Champions tagline. This is one of the efforts used by public relations to introduce Unesa to the public,” he explained.
Another thing that needs to be done in public relations is to maintain relations with the media. In addition to media partners, Doddy also touched on social media. The role of social media certainly cannot be separated from public relations, considering that social media has a chain effect so that the transmission process that occurs does not stop at one main audience.
According to him, social media requires teamwork. This is not only related to creativity in presenting content, but also related to improving search engine optimization or SEO. "This can be a benchmark for the popularity of the agency when we search for the name of the agency in the browser," he explained.
Meanwhile, Yayat said that public relations work is endless. However, all of this will become clearer if the organization has determined the work program planning from the start. "The important thing is sincere work. That‘s the key word," he said.
He added that what is no less important is evaluation. Evaluation is needed to measure and find out how public relations can run well. Evaluation can be done monthly, quarterly or even semester. The goal is to map the achievement of the public relations work plan that has been prepared at the beginning. This can be a measure of success.
In this workshop, Yayat and Doddy also discussed several awards that had been received by UNESA PR. They agreed that the award would not be obtained without hard work and support from the leadership.
“I think the UNESA leadership is very aware. Moreover, he (the Chancellor of Unesa, ed) is very enthusiastic if there is a kind of awarding event. Yes, hopefully in the future UNESA Public Relations will be more advanced," Yayat said ending the discussion session. This event was attended by UNESA‘s public relations ranks, starting from the head of the Public Relations Unit, the division heads, the social media team, magazines and websites. [UNESA PR]